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Sally Crawford

Interior art for windows, walls and doors

The single best way of improving one's life, it is said, is to ensure a good night's sleep (and every good wish to anyone still stuck on the roads or at an airport by the way). As a single household, I decided to think about my own sleeping arrangements.

As a result I've rebuilt my bed. Wider. I extended the bases sideways, ordered a customised section of medium density foam with a snug-fitting mattress cover and voilà.

The bed is now 194cm long, 106cm WIDE (as opposed to the more common 75 or 90cm). Anyone who loves the freedom of a single bed and has a cat will understand. The cost was relatively modest: £83.98 for foam mattress (incl. VAT and shipping), £34.09 for mattress cover, total £118.07. The extra bed bases were recycled from some shelving.

Recycled shelf units used to make storage and a bedside pigeonhole

ring mannequin  Morplan
ring                      designer's own
hairbrush             Boots
watch                   Swatch 
                               Once Again
bag                       Earth Squared
pen                       PaperMate


Art window frame lighting: If you like full or minimal window coverage or curtains open a crack, you've got it here, whatever your mood; whatever the weather, customised LED to light your space.

Curtains by Debenhams

Contact: sallycrawfordartanddesign[at]

There's no need to replace a plain tile splashback if it's doing its job. Here's a stencil design to liven it up a bit.
Contact: sallycrawfordartanddesign[at]

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