Studio inspirations

Monday 19 August
A green wall that really means it. 

The interior will be cool, fragrant, and doused in oxygen, forming the perfect barrier to the polluted street outside.

Friday 16 August
I may have to go and find this in a plant shop right now: Horsetail plant (Equisetum hyemale)

Wednesday 14 August
Now reading Gaby Hinsliff's extremely sobering piece in yesterday's Guardian

Fun day setting up to do a little small-scale recycling of plastic, starting around now so watch this space.

Monday 12 August
Outside a local wine bar, a notice: 
'To Brexit or Not to Brexit 
That is the question.' 

Indeed. London voted to Remain.

Saturday 10 August
My wonderful cargobike, serving one of her many purposes: a footrest while I catch up on my notes.

Wednesday 07 August: Our Japanese fellows, who have long designated trees as scholar trees - not to mention Hippocrates, who taught under a plane tree, as did the 'SPA' philosophers before him - were certainly on to something. Sit under a tree and, doused in that most friendly of gases oxygen, your thoughts will be blessed with clarity.

The chemical reaction the tree leaves are masterminding is

CO2 + H2O = C6H12O6 + O2 


Tuesday 06 August: New, understated, customisable jewellery that all genders can wear as a clip or a pendant
depending on what you order

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