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Monday 23 September
London Design Festival 2019 may be over but you can still go down to South Molton Street, just off Oxford Street southwest section after all, and enjoy Camille Walala's Walala Lounge

Saturday 24 August
The studio is starting to make a ring for someone. We come right out with the question 'what's your budget?' and ascertain that it's cheap but chic. No problem. We will use antique bronze for the shank and the setting will involve a polymeric bezel and a semi-precious stone. I will make sketches.

Monday 19 August
A green wall that really means it

The interior will be cool, fragrant, and doused in oxygen, forming the perfect barrier to the polluted street outside.

Friday 16 August
I may have to go and find this in a plant shop right now: Horsetail plant (Equisetum hyemale)

Wednesday 14 August
Now reading Gaby Hinsliff's extremely sobering piece in yesterday's Guardian

Fun day setting up to do a little small-scale recycling of plastic, starting around now so watch this space.

Monday 12 August
Outside a local wine bar, a notice: 
'To Brexit or Not to Brexit 
That is the question.' 

Indeed. London voted to Remain.

Saturday 10 August
My wonderful cargobike, serving one of her many purposes: a footrest while I catch up on my notes.

Wednesday 07 August: Our Japanese fellows, who have long designated trees as scholar trees - not to mention Hippocrates, who taught under a plane tree, as did the 'SPA' philosophers before him - were certainly on to something. Sit under a tree and, doused in that most friendly of gases oxygen, your thoughts will be blessed with clarity.

The chemical reaction the tree leaves are masterminding is

CO2 + H2O = C6H12O6 + O2 


Tuesday 06 August: New, understated, customisable jewellery that all genders can wear as a clip or a pendant
depending on what you order

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